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Hosting Private Parties at Town and Country Club

Did you know how easy it is for our club members to arrange for private parties including showers, dinners, cocktail parties, teas or social receptions at Town and Country Club?! Our Food and Beverage Director, Diane Lam, looks forward to helping you plan every detail of your next special occasion—including space selection, menu selection and ordering flowers.

Food and Beverage Director, Diane Lam

415 . 362 . 4951, ext. 20

[email protected]

Private Luncheons

There is no charge for room use, but we hope that you will reserve your parties as far in advance as possible to ensure availability
The Small Private Dining Room (3rd Floor)
can serve parties of nine to sixteen people.
The Fourth Floor Maiden Lane Room
can serve up to 32 people
The Fourth Floor Garden Room
may be used for cocktails and meals at the General Manager’s discretion

Receptions, Teas and Cocktail Parties

The entire fourth floor may be reserved for parties of 50-100.  For large parties, the second floor may be used as a check room. To have exclusive use of the fourth floor, you must have at least fifty guests.

Private Dinners

Private dinners may be served for fifty to eighty people in the Third Floor Dining Room.  Cocktails are served in the Drawing Room on the Fourth Floor.

Selecting the Menu

Members may consult with Ms. Lam about menus and beverages.  She can show you a selection of seasonal menus to consider, as well as traditional menus for popular Club activities.  Members must finalize menu choices and number of guests attending one week before the event. This final count will be billed to the  account unless the count goes up and the kitchen can accommodate the changes. We will do our best to accommodate changes made within 48 hours of the event but the changes are not guaranteed.

Ordering Flowers

Our Food and Beverage Director is pleased to order flower arrangements and have them delivered to the Club for your event.  Please make your color and flower choices known.  If you wish, you may also supply your own arrangements. Our Club Florist is:

Paul Robertson
[email protected]
Table decorations must be in place, thirty minutes before an event.

Charges and Gratuities

  • Ms. Lam can explain the food costs and will supply a current wine list, as well as available liquors.
  • A 20 percent gratuity charge is added to the food and beverage costs of private parties, to be given to employees who serve the party.
  • No member may give a gratuity to any employee.  You may express appreciation to employees for their service by contributing to the Employees’ Holiday Gift Fund.
  • Members may not let non-members entertain in their names. 

Club Minimum

The food and beverage charges of any party of nine or more people hosted at Town and Country are credited toward the host’s minimum for a maximum period of one year from the date of your party.  Only food and beverage charges are credited to the Club minimum.


A charge will be made for expenses incurred by the Club prior to the cancellation of a private party.  To cancel without penalty, please do so seven days or more before the party.

Town and Country Club Dress Code

Any member hosting a private party at Town and Country is responsible for advising her guests that suitable attire, based on members’ discretion, ranges from smart casual including denim that is not ripped or tattered, to dressier apparel. Athletic wear, flip flops and bare midriffs are not permitted.