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T&C's eBook Collection

eBooks at T&C Library

We are excited to offer our members the convenience of eBooks through the platform Boundless. Every month we will add new selections to grow our collection which you can easily access and read wherever you happen to be. Follow the directions below to register and discover more curated reading choices since the eBook collection has some different titles to offer and supplements our print collection.



How to Access the Boundless App and Log In

What devices can I use? 
  • APPLE: All iOS devices running iOS 13 or later  
  • ANDROID: All Android devices running Android 9 or later 
  • KINDLE Fire devices and later
  • DESKTOPS: For Windows PCs and Macs, you don't use an app. You can use the following link or enter the URL which is Town and Country Club's library shelf on the Boundless platform: and then Bookmark this link for future reference.

***   To check if your device will work with the Boundless app, please click here to refer to a Compatibility Chart.   ****


  • Go to the App Store and download the Boundless app onto your device(s). This is the icon to look for:
  • After downloading, tap on the app to open it.
  • Search for your Library: in this field, type in the name Town and Country Club.
  • Tap on the name of our library  to select it and get to the…
  • Sign-In: You are asked to sign in using your User Name which is: TCCSF+member number. EG: TCCSF4321               
  • You will now be directed to the Boundless landing page and can search for and check out books just as you did when using Axis 360.
  • The Audiobooks are still on the top of the screen in the category labeled Always Available. 
  • You may now delete the Axis 360 app from your device
  • The website URL for desktop or laptop access has changed also. Please use:
    You may delete the previous Axis 360 desktop URL from any Saved Bookmarks.
  • The functionality is the same as Axis360 and your check-outs, bookmarks will have transferred over.
  • Remember to check the box next to "Remember Me" so you don't have to repeat this step every time you open the app. Your Member Number is on your monthly T&C statement or on our website under the Member Roster.
  • If you need help with your User Name, please contact Librarian Laura. *
  • If you previously used the Axis 360 app, then you may refer to her Individual email sent to you on 9/29/2023 with your specific User Name.*
  • To log in to our library’s Boundless website, enter the following URL in your browser (Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome) or click on this link: and enter your credentials. Bookmark this link for future reference.  Follow the same directions above to create your Sign In.

1. Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about the Boundless app

2. Contact T&C librarian or staff at 415-362-4951 or email [email protected]

EBooks will be listed in the ONLINE CARD CATALOG but must be accessed and checked out through the Boundless platform.

POLICY:  eBooks may be borrowed for 2 weeks at a time after which they will disappear from your device! You may renew your loan if no one has a Hold or, add yourself to the Waitlist for your next turn.