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The Town and Country Club Library has been an important part of our club since the very beginning in 1893. At the time, each new member was asked to contribute a book to the library in order to build our collection.

Many of the first books were written in French, since educated women of the day were expected to be fluent. Unfortunately, our original collection was destroyed in the earthquake and fire of 1906, but a new collection was started at our present Stockton Street location. When you visit, you can see some of the books that we started with, including a collection of the works of Charles Dickens.

Today, new members continue to present the library with a gift book. Our Library Committee builds up our collection through monthly acquisitions of the best new publications and sponsors the 1st Tuesday Book Group where we delve into literary discussions.  Movie buffs can attend a monthly showing from the world of cinema and we also offer small, topical gatherings in our salons.

We welcome speakers from all areas of the writing world: journalists, authors, booksellers, and more but for those preferring respite and quiet, there is no better place than our library's individual workstations or the comfy chairs by the fireplace to read newspapers, magazine, or eBooks.



The Town and Country Club Library is a resource to members for information, education, and enjoyment without limit or censorship.  


Any member of the Library Committee may veto a book under discussion by not voting for its purchase, and members do not have to check out books of which they do not approve. Not every member of the Club will agree with the political or sexual content of a particular book. However, the Library must cater to the needs of all members and will accommodate all points of view.  The Librarian reviews donated books to make sure they are appropriate, but it is not her job to discriminate in any way.  Our purpose is to make a varied selection available.